Golden F

Hey guys

I don’t even know how February went by, didn’t even realise we’re three days into March.

I’ve just not been up to date. What with all that’s going on.. outside in the world and inside in my mind. It’s crazy.

I couldn’t even finish Sandra’s wst Challenge. :/

And Monty’s weekly Golden Shovel Challenge comes to an end with this prompt- The sky is blue, or the rain falls with its spills of pearl” from “Spring” by Mary Oliver

I do like this prompt and I think it maybe my favourite.. here goes

There's a whole world out there in the
midst of my chaos. But all I can see is the sky
for it's all I can comprehend. It is 
vast and endless, so very blue.
It reminds me of freedom or 
actually of choice, but really it's the
same. I fail to reign the chaos, and now rain
Rain pouring, thundering, crashing down, it falls
Drowning out everything else, taking with
it my sorrows. It's catharsis, in it's 
purest form, urging the spills
from my fractured soul. Of
light and the dark, maybe I'm better shut off in my oyster like the pearl 

Yeah I know how this sounds.. but I think it’s pretty apt

I also saw someone’s post about the A-Z and I freaked out for a second thinking it’s already here. I’m no way near where I want to be with my writing. I know exactly what to write but it’s just the writing that is not happening. Only if there was some thing that could convert me writing in my brain, to words on my screen..

If you’re also interested in taking part in A-Z but have no idea what it is about.. take a look here. Here is a detailed outline of what this challenge is about, the rules!!! This is their official website and all of the important deadlines are right here!

Mar 7- Theme Reveal OPEN

Mar 21- Theme Reveal CLOSES

Man I gotta buck up!

If you do want to see my previous entries for a better idea of the challenge- here is my work for the year 2020 and 2018. I didn’t finish my 2019 challenge. Also please excuse the style of writing back in 2018, that was my first ever attempt to write a series!

With all of that.. I should probably go resume my writing for the challenge.. but I think Chess is calling my name.. (I’ve recently been insanely obsessed with chess, oh and wordle of course! But damn you for limiting me to one play a day :/ )


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