wst & more dessert


As you know, I’m taking part in Sandra’s daily wst challenge. And today’s prompt is “What a jerk”.

Oooo so many different ways to go with this.

But I think I’ll keep it short.

It's common knowledge that crumple zone to a car is ribs to the heart
Then how the hell did you manage to sneak past in and leave it in shards

What a jerk!

Excuse the car metaphor. I spent the last two hours talking about cars with my brother (Cousin) and he was just explaining things. The crumple zone is a part of your car (placed in the front, near your engine) that minimizes the damage caused to you when you crash.

So yup, that’s how this poem came to be!

I do feel slightly less blue.. or I’m just in denial lol

Today’s dessert included chunky chocolate chip cookies and a caramel vanilla milkshake. SO yum! (I’m so going to get fat… eeeeee)

The one good thing about all of this blueness is that I am writing. Actively.

I was so very active on my Instagram today!!! A rare sighting! Also I changed my user handle. Again I know not a big deal.. but for me it is. It was the same for four years almost! But lately I have been using my Instagram for my food and my art.. I’m not writing! So tdg_writes was just misleading.

Lol for a person that really likes change and changes quickly, I really can get stuck up on things.


With this mixed feelings post dump.. I bid thee adieu!



7 thoughts on “wst & more dessert

  1. Um. My post today is about a car accident. Weird!! We must have some weird cosmic connection. I’m sorry if my sadness rubbed off on you, though. 😦 But I love how you manage to pull yourself up. And your desserts sound delicious. All I’ve had today so far is a small bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios. Oh, and a cup of coffee.

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    • OMG., bizarre! For sure we do have a connection!
      No, definitely not.. don’t apologise!! It’s not your fault at all.. I do get sad often but I just don’t feel as comfortable talking about it!
      Thank you, it was yum!
      I love cereal.. I don’t know why but it’s comfort food!
      Coffee is ❤

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  2. Glad you’re feeling a touch better. And that yummy sounding dessert will help with that. I too was thinking of changing my IG name. Though I haven’t used IG much for a while.
    Now maybe head out for a walk to a park or any other natural space around you. It does wonders for the mind and soul. Sorry if it sounds preachy. Tone is often missed with these things. Hope you feel better and better! 💕

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