Treat- wst


Does anyone else have inexplicable sadness wash over them randomly out of the blue? Or is it just me?

Cause I have no idea why but I have sadness brimming in my like an overflowing bucket.

Maybe I’m getting my period. (But there is quite sometime till it actually happens)

Maybe I’m just weird

And I realise this post is the exact opposite of today’s prompt by Sandra.

But I don’t know what else to write

Honestly even writing this out for it to disappear into the vastness of the internet, feels weird

So I did what I do when I’m sad

Picked up a rom-com book, that I think should be classified as rom-sad

And ate dessert. Cause sugar. In the form of a not so great red-velvet cake. (I love the flavour but seriously not everyone can bake this right) This was my treat.

What do you treat yourself to when you’re down in the dumps?

Oh and icing on the cake (this part was delicious on the literal cake)

[This post already seems like a whiny post so might as well whine cause what do I have to loose?]

I came across my name.

Of course this may not seem like a big deal to someone who has a common name.

But to me it is.

My name is never on the souvenir stuff.

No one names their book/tv/movie character Swapna. It’s just uncommon

And today, in the book mentioned above I came across my name.

I was of course taken by surprise. And whenever my/her name is mentioned in the book, I undoubtedly read it again to confirm.

The weirdest part… I had to order milk (I only like this one brand of Vegan milk called Goodmylk) and there in one of the reviews- my name pops up…. AGAIN!

See it’s not that uncommon for there to be different variations of my name. But the exact same spelling as mine is really really weird for me. And I’m super attached to the ‘W’ in my name. Sometimes I think I get most of my personality from that letter. Cause you know, it’s not a common letter to just appear in a name. Sure you may know someone named Wade or Willow (this is a pretty name) but where I live, not at all common.

I have known exactly two people with the exact same name as mine. One, my high school throwball coach and two, a famous dancer who I am somehow distantly related to!

So as you can see, in the two+ decades I have been existing this is not a common occurence!

But to have it happen to me TWICE in the same freaking day is extremely….. Idk ugh.

I have half a mind to not post this.

It is lol, uncommon for me to post things like this.. but at this point I just don’t know.

Sorry for that weird dump.

If you made to the end

You SHOULD treat yourself for reading all this.


Taking notes from Sandra

What an absolute TREAT 🥵

12 thoughts on “Treat- wst

  1. Walking the dog helps when I get the blues, which isn’t often thank goodness. I still get excited when I see my name in print or on mugs too and Janet is a lot more common than yours. Hope your mood improves. 🙂

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  2. First of all — you are *not* whining. My god, if you are, then I am a horrible incessant whiner. I always talk about my feelings and all of that sort of thing. It’s kind of my life, sadly.

    I totally understand having an intense feeling of sadness and not knowing why. It happens to me often. Sure, sometimes I know why I’m sad, but sometimes, I don’t. I hope you feel better soon. It’s hard when you don’t know the cause. ♥

    My name is pretty common, supposedly, but it’s not often on souvenir stuff like it used to be when I was little. And I have only personally known three other Sandra’s in my life — one was a girl the year ahead of me in high school, one was my neighbor right next door to my current house until she moved last year, and the other was my first boyfriend’s mother!

    I treated myself today, too. It was bad. I made that edible no-bake oatmeal cookie dough I love so much. And I ate it all. I didn’t feel great after that, but damn, did it ever taste good.

    And finally, Harry Styles is awesome. My daughter especially loves him. But not as much as Shawn Mendes. 🙂

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    • Noo.. you aren’t!!! It just feels uncommon to put my feelings, so raw.. out here. I don’t really do that often. Even though it is my blog and I can do as I please.. it’s just I don’t really open up to people… at all.. Not fully anyway. And admitting stuff out loud or talking about myself just surfaces a lot of insecurities..

      Ooo, three Sandra’s! I know two.. you and my organic chemistry teacher from college! What a coincidence.. was it weird for the boy to go out with a girl named Sandra?

      Ooo sounds yum! Oh no.. I hope you feel better soon!

      IKR!!! I just really really like him!!! He always manages to make me smile! Lol, maybe I shouldn’t admit this to you.. but Shawn Mendes however hot he gets, I can only ever look at him as his 16y old self. Somehow in my mind, he never grew older. But apparently this logic does not work with Harry Styles or Zayn because.. i don’t know.. my mind logic xD

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      • I am, of course, the opposite. I’m always dumping my feelings on people. I hold nothing back. Sometimes I wonder if it would be good for me to hold back, but I don’t have anything in my life. I don’t know what else I would write about. That’s so sad.

        My HS boyfriend never seened to mind the name thing. But yeah, it has to have been at least a little weird for him!

        I admit that I feel dirty when I see pictures of Shawn when he was younger. But I ignore those and focus on the newest pictures. Then I feel… less dirty. But the younger pictures — yeah, he looks like a little boy. Sometimes I feel like that was a completely different person!

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      • We all process things differently.. and it’s more that when I did dump my feelings, I think I chose the wrong people to dump to and so it’s given me a complex.
        It’s not sad. We write what we know. And however hard we try.. there will always be a part of us that seeps in.. that’s what makes our work so unique!!

        Oh that’s great!

        Yeah, he’s really grown up in the last couple of years! Like I said, I admit he’s hot but nothing else lol! But Harry on the other hand… butterflies 😍🤤

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  3. It is very normal to feel like this every now and then, Dream. Hope that the red velvet made you feel better! Whenever I feel down I like to watch video’s of happy animals or eat Ben&Jerry’s Karamelsutra! Both is the ideal combination! ❤

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