A medley of prompts

Hey guys!

You do know I’m taking part in Sandra’s wst challenge

But today I’ll be incorporating two more prompts as well!

For Sandra’s daily wst Challenge, the prompt is “she didn’t“. There are absolutely no rules for this challenge!

For Monty’s Get Your Golden Shovel, the prompt is “Time says hush. By the gong of time you live.” This is a poetry challenge, and the rules are very simple! Each week Monty gives us a prompt- a line from a poem he likes and we incorporate that line as the last line of our poem! Check out his post for an example and for a clear explanation of the rules! Deadline is Saturday, the 12th

For Rebecca’s February 2022 Poetry Challenge, the prompt is “Friendship“. There is only one rule- the poem has to be in the pareado poetic form. It means, like a pair. So basically write a poem about friendship, either 2 to 10 lines of rhyming pairs! Do check her post out for an example! Deadline is Saturday, the 12th.

Wow, maybe I did take on too much.

*Inner me- she didn’t take on too much. Shhh*

(Yeah I got lazy with this prompt.. couldn’t find a way to incorporate it into the poem :/ )

Okay, here goes

Friends are chosen family, so choose wisely
For they come to know you intimately 

They shape you in ways 
And I know I'm speaking in clichés

You will come across foes and they'll tear you down
That's when you know who'll be by you hon

The good ones are hard to come by
Keep them and maybe give them pie

Time flies by, memories are made, you need friends to survive 
Time says hush. By the gong of time you live

Oh and Monty’s prompt is from The Gong of Time by Carl Sandburg (Honey and Salt)

I think I did a pretty good job.




16 thoughts on “A medley of prompts

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