I killed it… too much- wst

Heya guys!

As you know, I’m participating in Sandra’s February challenge. The prompt for 7th is “I killed it” and since it’s already 8th where I am, I’ll be incorporating the prompt for 8th- “Too much” as well.

Do check out the prompts for her challenge! It’s not the usual kind annnddd there are no particular rules!

Here is her post!

It was a grey, cloudy evening. It looked like those heavy clouds would give in and start their outpour any second. And I, was pretty much the same.

I was a dark grey, heavy, filled to the brim, explode any second kind of cloud! My playlist shuffled on to play- Everglow by Coldplay, on cue.

Definitely what I wanted to hear right about now.

And just as I stared at my screen, to skip the song- plop

A huge waterdrop fell on my screen.

Well well well, you know it!

Seemed like the Universe wanted to me let go. But nope. I will not

Not here

I am not going to be, crying on the street while walking girl.

Not today

I was so lost in my thoughts that I didn’t notice that I had run face first into somebody.

I mean, is it my fault they stopped so suddenly?

Quickly apologising, I put one foot in front of the other and was determined to get home as fast as possible. Before I could get any more wet and before I could fall apart. In the street. For everyone to look at me. I had to get to the safety of my walls

Thankfully, the clouds didn’t let go all at once. It was raining but not as heavily. It wasn’t windy. And if I walked faster, I could avoid what usually follows after lightening.

10 minutes of brisk walking later, I arrived wet into my small but comfortable apartment.

A quick shower later, I head to the kitchen to make myself something nice.

And that’s when I saw that menace.

A tiny cockroach.


Grabbing my broomstick, I lashed out on this creature.

Me, a 5’5 grown woman and a barely 1 inch creature. A hardly fair fight. But what in life is fair?

I felt disgusted but also I was out for blood.

Couple of thwarps later,

I killed it… maybe a little too much.

And that’s when I decided to break down.

Tear after tear, I was crying my eyes out. All of me unleased into a storm.

Raging against the one outside.

A breakdown was scheduled after all.

Are you playing along?

Drop the links to your post!

Thank you :))


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