Hello my peeps

Another day, another Bloganaury post

Today’s prompt is- “What is your favourite photo you’ve ever taken?”

Okay, this is so hard for me to decide

I have a bunch of photographs that I’ve taken that I really love

Most of them are candid’s of the people I love and the rest is just, beautiful Nature.

I really can’t choose, so here’s my top five!

Look at this cute little guy- Andaman, 2019
I’m such a sucker for sunsets- Andaman, 2019
Somewhere remote in a lonely pond- 2019
Vast immensity at your footsteps- Mahabalipuram, 2021
If I go away into the depths of the dark, will the light remember me?- Ranganthittu, 2021

Go on, pick your favourite!

Let me know which image you like.

Side note- kinda proud of the caption’s I came up with :))

Have a great day!!!

Dream ❤

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