Hope you are doing well

Today’s prompt- What is a superpower you’d love to have?

So simple,

I’d want to be able to perform magic

Like her

I love her so much *sigh*


Like him

Cause then, I could do annyyything I wanted

I could fly

I could become invisible

I could read minds!

Really, the possibilities are endless!

And to be honest, isn’t life just better with magic?

He agrees!!

So long my friends,


26 thoughts on “Bloganuary-17

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  2. I love Wanda and Strange. If you wanna read some good comic books, you need to go back 1960’s Dr. Strange. He was the most overpowered character is all of comic books, DC or Marvel. He was just one step down from The One Above All. They really walked back his powers (which is a good thing) but the last I read they tied his powers to something like a cosmic battery which I really hate. (The writers are trying to make magic usage a metaphor for climate change and it is/was not working.)

    It’s not as simple as just choosing Wanda or Strange, which kind of magic do you want? Wanda has Chaos magic and Strange has Eldritch magic (there’s also Asguardian magic [Thor] and, I forget what it’s called, but the magic used by Shang Chi’s relatives) — wait till learns how to use it!.

    Me, based only on the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I would go with Shang Chi’s magic sources because the users are still grounded in reality (not over using it) whereas Wanda, The Masters of the Mystic Arts, and the Asguardians over rely on Magic.

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    • Ooo, I did not know that.. but it kinda reminds me of the Dr.Strange from the What IF? series.. I don’t want to give you any more context in case you haven’t gotten a chance to see it!

      Oh no, they did that in the comics? Well that’s just sad.

      Lol, no I know. They all derive their power’s from different stones as well!
      I mean in the MCU at least they’re trying to figure what exactly the rings are and when are they from- the post creds of Shang Chi! Can’t wait to see how it’s all going to tie up!

      They do. But if you can’t already tell I do love Wanda.. but chaos magic? I don’t know. I do like the Ancient One and Strange’s use of magic though! So maybe Eldritch!

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      • Oh, I’ve seen everything — there are no surprises in Marvel or DC for me. 🙂

        Yeah, each set of characters draws their magic source from different places, which is why they’re colored differently. If you like the TV shows and Movies, consider giving the comic books a shot. Since you like Wanda, House of M is the best place to start. Mind you, Wanda’s origin story is 100% different.

        Based on the traier for Dr Strange 2 at the end of the new Spiderman, there’s going to be an evil version of Dr.Strange — something also in the comics…

        Do you watch The Boys? Umbrella Academy? or Invincible, too? I love all these super hero TV shows.

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      • Oh wow. That is such a cool brag!

        Oo, I might just do that! Yeah lol I know bits and pieces! I get curious, so I read a bunch of stuff from Marvel fandom!

        Oh yeah for sure. The trailer is now out actually.. I think. But that was a cool post credit! Yeah it definitely seems like the What If Dr.Strange but we’ll know soon! I cannot wait!!!

        Both, Boys and Umbrella Academy are on my list. My friends recommended it to me and I’ll watch it sometime soon!
        What is Invincible about??

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      • Invincible is another superhero show based on a comic book but in animation. The first episode starts weak but the ending should hook you. Keep watching. What it’s about will ‘efing blow your mind. Because it’s animation, they can do things not possible in live-action. Even better, the characters are well-written. Very well-written. It’s on Amazon Prime.

        The Boys is one of the best out there. It’s pretty much how a real super hero would be in our day and age.

        The Umbrella Academy has a special place in my heart. It’s all character development (very little action) but quirky in the best possible way. Five, it’s hard to believe a child can pull off such a performance.

        I really hope you watch them.

        I’m surprised you haven’t watched everything. Marvel has put a lot out there, I guess. Oh, if you haven’t seen it, go check out the trailer for the TV show Legion. I can’t say it’s my favorite but it beautiful. Every shot is just exquisite and it’s filled with unique characters (from the comic books), my favorite being Admiral Fukuyama who is a man with a basket over his head connected to tens of thousands of Vermillion (think mustached women clones) who ARE Admiral Fukuyama — it’s trippy but well actualized. “They” are the “machine that bleeds”.

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      • These shows are already on my list, so I will definitely watch them
        I will also check out Invincible!
        I am pretty late Marvel geek.. I didn’t fully get into until I was like 15.. and my Marvel content consumption has been quite slow lol xD

        I will also check out Legion! Sounds very interesting!!

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      • Legion is really good, but it does get really heady and arty. The first half takes place in a mental institution and you’re in his head, so nothing makes sense for the first 6 episodes or so — a lot of people tuned out before that.

        One thing they mention in passing (which is super important in the comic books) is that he is Charles Xaviers son (from X-Men). Not a spoiler, part of the lore.

        And the main villain of the trilogy (there are three seasons) is Shadowking, Storms arch nemesis.

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