Hello my peeps

For today’s inspiration from Bloganaury is- Write about a challenge you faced and overcame.

Again, I am kinda fed up writing about myself

So I will continue with Ellie!

As mentioned previously, Ellie loved her life 

She had everything she wanted!

But that particular morning Ellie was bursting with energy.
She woke up with the sun and caught all the beautiful colours that came into view. The round sun, reminded her of fruit. And she was hungry. 

All of her friends were asleep and her mother wouldn't wake up! 
No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't wake them up. 
And the longer she waited, the hungrier she got.

That's when she thought to herself, "I am a smart elephant. I am going to get some bananas. And I will be back before anyone knows."
The more she thought about it, the more she convinced herself. 
She knew the way. 
She had been there multiple times. 
She could do this. 
So she did. 

She wandered off towards the banana plantations all by herself. 
And after a while, she was greeted by rows and rows of the yellow goodness!
She was overjoyed to have come here all by herself 
And so she ate and ate
Ate to her heart's content!

And promptly she feel asleep. Right under the cool, banana plants. 

She woke up long after, to see the sun right above her and her momma standing over her!
Ellie ran to her mom joyously and told her all about her adventure!
And all her mom could do was smile at her very small, cute daughter! She would keep the secret of how she found Ellie to herself! 

If you are participating in Bloganuary are you enjoying these prompts??

Please do let me know!

(I don’t know if I am the only one feeling this way!)



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