I feel better today! So here’s hoping I am on track to feeling normal!

Today’s Bloganuary prompt is- What does your ideal day look like?

And I am not going to post about me

Here’s my response to the prompt-

Ellie loved her life in the jungle

After all the jungle was a large place for a baby elephant! 

So much to see. So much fruit to eat. So many rivers to bathe in. 
Her jungle had it all. 

Where would her mother take her and her friends first?

The mud-pit? The small lake? Early walk to eat bananas? Or the long walk to get mangoes? Or the day walk to the river??

Oh so many places to see, so much fun to be had. Many adventures to be undertaken!
She couldn't wait for the sun to rise tomorrow.
But for now, Ellie must sleep and dream of all the things she wants to see, cause it's night night time!

Goodbye stars!

Elephants are the cutest!

With that, adieu


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