Today’s prompt for Bloganuary is- What makes you laugh?


It's been a while since I have properly laughed, you know the gasping for air, holding your tummy, tears running down your face kinda laughter?

But there are a few sure short things that ALWAYS, like ALWAYS manage to make me laugh:

a) My friends. They're all pretty freaking amazing and I have shared so many afore mentioned laughing memories. 
But nobody tops my AOS buddies. These two can quite literally take my breath away. I don't really gasp for air, I snort. So it's like this whole process. Smile breaking into laughter, moves on to silent laughter, snort, more silent laughter, giggles, slows down and if I catch you looking at me, more laughter!
And it's been a while since we met. Our schedules don't match, so we video call. 
We used to call weekly cause we watched Hawkeye together, (the AOS- Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D) These two are my major Marvel buddies ❤

b) dirty jokes. 
I will always laugh at not PG-13 safe jokes. 
The show- New Girl, perfect example. I have laughed so much in their first two seasons. (I'm now in s3) 
Also on IG, this series of videos called "Toni and Ryan". It's actually a podcast by Toni Lodge and Ryan Jon. 
But the videos of the podcast, crack me up! 
(I have warned you, it is inappropriate!!!)

c) Re-watching my favourite shows
Be it Phil and Gloria from Modern Family or Chandler and Joey from FRIENDS or even MAGIC from Grey's. 
My comfort shows know exactly how to cheer me up. 
I also love watching all BTS and Bloopers from my fav shows! So all in all, I am guaranteed to at least smile when I watch these shows!

This is all I can think of right now. 


If you are participating in this challenge, drop your links down in the comments!

Oh and things that make YOU laugh, share some of that will ya?



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