Who is someone that inspires you and why?“- This is today’s prompt!

Okay so as un-unique as this sounds (I have been reading a lot of people saying this same thing), I really don't have a particular someone that inspires me. 

And I have mentioned this before, I don't really "follow" or "stan" a celebrity or influencer. I really can't put my energy into worshipping people I don't know! 

Do I like them? Yes, I could like the person they are on camera or their personality or even their art.  But I really really can't stan them or even begin to understand how so many people are stans. And just to clarify, stans are definitely different from die hard fans. They are a whole nother level!

And coming to the people in my life. I love them. I love that they always got my back. But again, I don't see them as role models. I really can't put them up on a pedestal!!!

But are the things they do or the things they say inspirational?? Hell yes!

I find it so inspiring that my mom can juggle both her office work and home work. 
I find it so inspiring when my friend stands up for them self.
I find it inspiring that so many of us still have hope amidst these times

For me, it makes more sense to take inspiration from actions. To take inspiration from a thing they do rather than put them up on a pedestal and worship them.  Cause 
a) I think that you should only ever worship Mother Nature/Energy 
b) by putting someone up on a pedestal not only do you pressurize them but also you're going to do disappoint yourself when they do something wrong (They're also only human!)
c) and why do you want to defend someone else! someone you don't even know!!! about a matter you will never know all the information about! and about something that will not concern you even in the smallest way!!!! (cue- my confusion on why stans exist)

Okay I feel like I went a lillllll off topic there.


Are you participating in the challenge?

Let me know, so that I can hop on over to your blog :))


Dream ❤

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