Hey y’ll!

Today’s prompt- What was your favourite toy as a child?

I was very lucky to grow up with a lot of toys as a child. 

There were plenty of car's, cause they were my favourite! There was also a red train that would actually choo choo and change direction when it would hit a wall! I also had a bunch of dolls and I still have quite a few of them with me! I gave them all the funniest names! 

In every of picture of me as a child, I'm always holding some toy or the other xD and so I don't really recall having a favourite.

Brb, let me ask my mum!

Okay so I know which toy it is! 
But it's complicated to explain. Let me just show you!
So this toy was apparently my favourite. It used to have a pull string which would make the head, the hand and the leg move while playing a song.

It no longer works! Cause I exhausted the toy and exhausted every one around me because of it xD

Unfortunately I didn’t name it :/

But here are some of my other toys and it’s funny names!

Okay but I still don’t know how or why I choose Wanda as my doll’s name


I am totally, completely obsessed with her

What a crazy thing!

Are you participating in the challenge?

Let me know!


Dream :))

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