Hey guys

Today’s prompt is: Write about the last time you left your comfort zone.

The last time I left my comfort zone was when I had to text someone, with whom I was not on good terms.

Things between us went real bad very fast and all that was left was me in pieces. It took me a long time to even begin to feel like myself. And sometimes, small things still remind me of them.. but it's all just in passing. 

But for some reason (I know why, but let's just leave it at that) I was totally obsessing over this person after a long long time. I couldn't stop going down my old spiral. And every time I had to completely distract myself to get out of it. 

I kept pushing my thoughts away and kept trying to avoid it. Until I couldn't.

I finally convinced myself and texted them. 

I was incredibly anxious for the response and did not look at my phone for hours. I even shut off my internet. 

Once I turned on my internet again, a response was awaiting me. And the whole conversation lasted 2 minutes. 

It's funny. 
After that conversation, I didn't obsess over them. I barely even thought about it again. 

I put off something for so long ago only for me to feel nothing after 2 minutes! 

So when was the last time you got out of your comfort zone?

Let me know (even if you aren’t participating in the challenge!)



P.S: Paul at Captain’s Speech is hosting “Share your Blog“. You basically just introduce yourself and share your blog to help reach out to people! You should definitely check it out! Here’s to making new friends :))

13 thoughts on “Bloganuary-3

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  2. Thank you for posting this. For some reason I am not getting the prompts from Bloganuary. Maybe it’s because I did put the hashtag in front?? Anyway, I’ll use the prompt and tag is properly this time. Getting out of my comfort zone is walking into the Ken’s bathroom to help my hubby redress! I’ll tell more…

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  3. You did well and it was good that you were able to get a good resolution from it. I’m in a kind of similar position but feel I’ve done all that I can to resolve it. It does nag however, so well done!

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