Tis the Damn Season


The Sunday of the year is finally here. And as always it’s leading me to feel bitter-sweet.

I genuinely do hope that this month does NOT fly by. It’s scary to think about how fast this past year has gone by. Mentally I am still in 2019.

Enjoy this cute gif, while I briefly go through a spiral.

But an incredible amount of good things have happened. And I did enjoy myself this year.

Starting with the obvious, this year was far better than 2020. Be it vaccinations, less mortality or relaxation of the lockdown rules. (I know Mr.Omnicron has come down to rain on my parade but I am going to leave 2022 me to deal with this. Jeez, it’s going to be 2022 in a month 😭)

P.S: Who names these variants? Seriously, Omnicron??? Like Whaaa-

2) I graduated!!! That too with a pretty great average 🙂 SO that’s something that gave me immense relief. After struggling to pay attention to online classes and constantly missing my friends, I’d say it was a good end.

3) I’m genuinely happy with my decision to take a break year. Yes, sometimes I feel guilty, feel left out because almost all of my friends are in college already and doing all college-y things. But then I listen to them rant about how hard their Master’s is going and it both, equally fills me with joy and anxiety. They at least have each other to go through this with, and I’ll be starting all new in 2022.

But like I said, I’m glad I’m on a break. I needed it. And I’m so happy to have listened to myself and grateful because I got the opportunity and was privileged enough to be able to take one.

4) I have definitely found/made my inner circle. I love my people so so much. I find it so easy to speak my mind and be my most comfortable self around these few people. And over the years, my “person” keeps rotating within the circle. But this year, it was a new addition. Someone who I would never expect to be my person. And I’m so so glad they are my person and I, theirs. It’s beautiful.

I think the older we get, it’s harder to find people that match your wavelength and you get picky about who to let in. And that’s just our defence mechanism. But when you do find a person, however hard it is to share the emotional baggage, they become worth it.

(P.S: If you are reading this, a) you’re welcome, b) don’t you dare not be in my circle, cause I’m going to hunt you down 🤫😈)

5) I got to travel so much this year.

2020, it was just me and my four walls. And even though initially I loved it cause it made me feel like a kid during summer holidays, by the fifth month I was extremely sad.

So to be able to travel around and see new places was totally a blessing.

(I am double vaccinated and I double masked everywhere. So even though I was slightly concerned, I am okay)

All throughout this month, I am going to be sharing my experiences about my travel. I cannot wait to pen down my thoughts and share images/videos about my trips.

Starting this month out right, these were 5 things I’m grateful for this year.

What were yours? I would love to know 🙂



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