I’m just so happy! And for once I don’t feel like holding back this feeling. I don’t want to feel guilty for wanting to jump with joy and go dance in the rain right now!

You might call me:

But I’m just reallllyyy

So much that I’m typing this out from my phone via the browser on an internet speed that’s like a 🐌

I should get an award for that, right!?

Anyway the reason I’m happy is, I finally got to come to the beach… After two whole long years. And may I tell you this is fast turning to be my favourite day even thought I’m leaving tomorrow :/

So pretty🥺

I’m just going to recount my day because today just deserves to be committed to memory! Totally 10/10!!! Hehe🤭🤭

I woke up early today. 6am. On a Sunday! Can you believe that!? Well I don’t. Cause that’s not me. My mom always watches the sunrise whenever we go to the beach and this time she said I’m coming and its final. I’m more of a sunset person!!!

Well I did it anyway. And guess what! We missed the sun rise :/ But since we were already at the beach, I just played around in the waves!

It was time for breakfast and I was walking towards the restaurant and I kid you not, the preetiessst butterfly flew and sat on me!!!. I may have melted. It flew away before I could take a picture! But seriously!? Wow

Can you see how happy I am!?

I had a questionable amount of sugar for breakfast! But I loved it anyway!

My only fruit- watermelon juice!! 😍 Does orange marmalade count!?

Short nap later. I went to the spa and got my first ever massage. I have always wanted a road roller to run on my back but damn a back massage manages to do the same!

Lunch+ Nap! (I sleep a lot :))

To the beach again!!!!

And I couldn’t have fallen more in love with the beach today. There was a dog at the beach! Two of my favourite favourite favourites!!!!!!! I could burst with joy then 🥺❤️

Added bonus? The dog loved me as much as I, him! ❤️

And then to top things off! As if this day needed more things to become awesome… it rained! Pouring rain in Mahabalipuram! A really hot, humid place.

It rained! (For me, shhhh let me have it)

Anyway that’s me

I’m happy today. And I’m going to remember it for a long time, this feeling. Me singing gibberish while it rains, lying on this comfy comfy bed!




P.S: I love you Universe. I love you, Nature 🙂 ❤️

P.P.S: Sharing this uncontainable happiness with all of you! Sending you all, positive vibes!

Can you tell my current favourite colour is purple!?

P.P.P.S: On that subject, I got my hair done purple for my bday this year, don’t think I ever shared that here! And I know you can barely see it in the pictures buttttt I love it soooo much and it gives me so much joy! So if you have been wanting to dye your hair or get a tattoo, do it! JUST DO IT! Such a small thing. SO MUCH joy!

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