Find my Motivation


How are you??

You know when you have a big thing coming up and you have those emotions rushing through you? Be it an important interview, the hopeful second date or your final examination. Well next week is my final semester exams and I am a mess

It’s not just the academic aspect of it. Believe me that also adds onto a large amount of stress. It’s all about the consequences you know? I know you aren’t supposed to think about the fruit before even planting the tree.. but does that stop my mind from spiralling? Absolutely not

See now you think I’d realise the weight of it all and actually focus on studying. But as you can see I’m here instead


Because why does it matter? Why should it matter?

With all the things that are happening in the world, around me, why should an exam matter?

I have this huge conflict of interest

And it doesn’t help that my college does not have our mental health in mind. Some of the regulations for our proctored exam make absolutely zero sense. I kid you not. Don’t move around too much? How am I supposed to sit extremely sit while actually writing my answers!? Don’t look around anywhere.. I spend half my exam looking outside the window, wishing the sky would automatically give me my answers!!!!

Honestly after everything, everyone including me have been through these past 2 years.. it’s just.. I am going to have a marksheet which is a “representation” of all the things I have been through?

But is it though? Of course not!

But do others care.. LMAO

Welp Imma go cram some “useful” information that I will not remember by morning

Hope you have a better week!!

See you in a month :/

Lots of good vibes (Send some my way too)

Dream ❤

9 thoughts on “Find my Motivation

  1. Going through the same spiral. I look at the absurdity, again and again, sometimes I laugh at the stupidity and sometimes I cry that the system can become so stupid. Anyway, we’re in this together and hopefully we’ll get through this soon. Sending you a ton of good vibes.

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