Penny for your thoughts


I hope you have been doing well. 

Me? Well I have some bad days and some not so bad days.. I have just learnt to take it one day at a time because honestly I don’t think I have the energy to feel overwhelmed.

I alternate between how I feel. One day I’m all about getting my work done and the next I just want to lie in bed with a book(finally reading the Mortal Instruments series, before that I was reading random books by Penelope Ward and Vi.. two brilliant authors). Just watch the rain and the beautiful skies that have appeared almost everyday for this past week. I’ve come to accept this. On the days I’m lazy, I no longer feel guilty. I like that. 

Overall, there has been a lot of changes when compared to last year’s lockdown. This one is just hitting much harder and closer. And the fact that between the 2 lockdowns, two of my friends moved away is a major bummer. I was only left with another friend, who in retrospect is a blessing!  

I have some routines that I do follow and give me momentary peace. One is just stretching- touching my toes. I only recently realised how much physically moving my body affects my mental health. I was feeling so shitty one evening for no absolute reason and I couldn’t bring myself to do the simplest of things and so I got off my butt and just touched my toes.. swung my hips around xD And oh it felt like a breath of fresh air. It took the edginess out of me. And that helped. And I highly recommend doing yoga/stretching or even a full blown workout at least thrice a week if not daily. Trust me it works. 

The other thing that I really really had come to love was walking around on my terrace with the aforementioned friend. It made me feel not alone and our conversations that involved almost anything under the sun was so entertaining. In some, my brain cells would be working overtime to pitch in to our deep,philosophical talks or in others I’d be losing them brain cells cause we would be laughing at something extremely dumb. Like i said.. a blessing.

The last routine which I think the only reason I am sane.. is the quiet night time I get to myself. These 2/3 hours of uninterrupted peace and silence is just so so life changing. I’m free to do work, free to watch anything, free to read and nobody would talk to me or ask me to do something. I think everyone should have at least one hour of uninterrupted me time everyday!!

After all this, even though many of you may disagree and may be shocked by my next following statement, I personally stand by it. I think 2020 was a much much better year for me than 21. Up until June, I was extremely joyful and in better spirits last year than I am right now. July and August were bleak and sad. But it got better halfway through September, my friends and I would hang out inside the apartment almost everyday and I had some extremely fun times.  

I really don’t know what 21 has in store for us. I really do hope this is rock bottom. I really don’t want it to be a faux rock bottom . 

Here alll my thoughts, flowing out onto my blog finally.

Penny for your thoughts?


Stay Safe,

Dream ❤

-Oo this is what I meant by beautiful skies:

21 thoughts on “Penny for your thoughts

  1. Those are some beautiful skies indeed!! I’m so sorry to hear that this year hasn’t been very good for you so far. I think this past year and a half has been mostly for me just realizing that I am always afraid of being lonely, which is the only way to move on and handle it for me. But I think maybe for all of us this past little bit of life has stripped us down to the essentials, forced us to reevaluate what we need and want in our lives. I hope that your day is brighter tomorrow and for all the tomorrows after! I’ll be thinking of you, dear friend.

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  2. I am quite relieved during this time of distress that I am not alone in feeling this way. I have spent my entire week trying to be productive in some way or the other but my body just wants to rest. I have realized that I can’t argue with the signaling of my body. Doing yoga, resting, meditating, and watching the sky are what fill my days now. I have stopped pushing myself to be productive or to study. All that matters now is to realize that these simple acts are enough to feel good and repeating these never gets boring.

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    • True… I’ve realised it’s okay for your body or your mind to just not want to do things. For me reading is like meditating. It just calms me and takes me into a whole other place!
      Wishing you good vibes R!!
      Lots of sunshine for you,

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  3. I kind of agree with you. 2020 wasn’t so bad, especially the early part of 2020. There was a sort of novelty to the whole lock-down situation that was kind of fun. The boredom and tedium set in later. At least that’s how it was for me.

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