Dancing with My Ghost

I’m out here in my favourite field
Sun shining and the grass gleaming
But I don’t feel what I used to feel anymore
Invisible walls are closing in
Caging in whatever it is I used to feel
Vultures and eagles up in the sky
Circling around me, ready to swoop in
I’m no longer the predator
I’ve become the prey.

One step forward two steps backwards what I see
I don’t even recognise this anymore
There’s a girl in front of me
What is she doing in my place?
Who is she?
How is she here?
*Breathe in
Breathe out*
She inches closer and closer towards me
*Drip drip, my sweat drips away*
I just want to grab my hair and catharise

She walks right through me and for a split second
I feel the power pumping in my veins
My starved dying cells craving the adrenaline rush
The sunshine now smells like candies and cupcakes
There’s no one here now and I’m left with behind her lingering presence
But I don’t know recognise myself anymore
Did I before?
Who am I?

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