12 Years

Today my house turns 12 

12 whole years of making a house into a home


I hope you guys are safe and doing well!

I know its been a while since I blogged and I am just so sad that I missed this year’s A-Z. But there was no possible way I could have participated. This year is one of those milestone years since I am going to be finishing my Bachelor’s and I have been stressed about “what’s next”.

Anyway here is a walk down the memory lane.

I was 8 when I first stepped into my now home. Everything was tall and huge and I had so much space to run around.

I am older now and things aren’t as big as they used to be.

So much has changed.

Friends have come and friends have moved away. The big friend’s gang has now been reduced to two. Yet my home gives me new reasons to smile.

Be it a red rose blooming in the garden or having the opportunity to have a candle lit bath.

My home has seen me go through so many firsts: my first period, my first cooking attempt, my first crush, my first heartbreak, my first fight with my best friend, my first hairline fracture, and so much more. The fact that I still get to go through more firsts is amazing.

Yeah this is going to be a very nostalgic, sentimental post but going through a pandemic will do that to you. One of the biggest things I’m grateful for are these four walls and the roof.

Living in the same place for a while you are bound to have some favorite spots.

I could watch the rains for hours sitting in this amazing garden balcony my mom planted.
My swing has to obviously be one of my favourite spots! I just love sitting here with my book, my legs propped up, lost in my own world, completely forgetting about reality. Until of course I realize the cane has been digging into my skin for a while now. A new mark on my leg and a slight adjustment later, off we go into bookland.

And for this next favorite spot, I have to thank one of my best friends. I have always been afraid of heights. How I transitioned from jumping from one terrace to the other (even though they were pretty close) to being scared l will never know. (No I never fell down from a height either)

Anyway this is easily the best spot of the three. I have watched dozens of sunsets from here. I’ve had long deep, soul searching conversations here. I have danced here to imaginary music. I’ve laughed till my belly ached here. I have sat here alone, talking out loud to the sky , just venting and gotten peace here. This spot has been one of my getaways. Whenever I feel sad or constrained or when I miss my friends or even if I just want to be by myself, this is where I go.

This is exactly how I feel about this place. My spot on the terrace. I feel free. I feel safe. I feel like myself

Over the years many things have changed, like things usually do.

The empty balcony is filled with plants. The old box TV got replaced with a big flat screen. My bookshelf grew thrice in size. My room got repainted to my now favorite colour Teal and I can finally see through the peephole xD

But there are some that I know will never change

Like every summer, I wake up to see the yellow flowers on the tree right next to my house

This is from last week. Every day as soon as I open my eyes, I get to see this. How lucky am I?

Every year there at least 5 roses that bloom in our garden. Sometimes even more.

During the summer, the jasmine flowers in the kitchen garden bloom at night, intoxicating the air around them. You will want to stay in the kitchen as long as possible.

A minimum of 7 new books get added to my bookshelf along with an assorted collection of bookmarks, cute gifts and my hidden journals.

Well here’s my gift to you my beautiful home. A heart filled post on why I’ll always love you.

I’m pretty sure this one is still better than last year’s xD

I never got around to finish painting it πŸ˜›

Well that felt like a long post, I think. But it felt good.

I really hope you are safe and doing well. Sending you lots of good vibes and air hugs πŸ™‚

Lots of Love,

Dream ❀

p.s: If you are participating in the A-Z challenge drop your links in the comment section. I will hop on over as soon as I can

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