Self Care


It’s been one hell of a week. The amount of stress I have is through the roof. Why you ask? Well because my very wonderful genius Uni has decided to conduct examinations offline.

Yes off-the-line. On campus.

I just can’t. The stupidity of some people *sigh*

So welp yup I am going to die, either stuDYING or Die while writing my exams. Fun

Why did I title my post self care and not I’m screaming into my pillow and been crying these past couple of days, it’s because I couldn’t possible use that as my title now could I? Or maybe I could. We’ll never know now.

Annyways, when I am sad I bake. For me cooking is deeply therapeutic AND it helps my stress eating habit.

So I tried my hand at baking a full blown cake. My first attempt was in Sept and my oreo cake broke completely so I made a mocha oreo crumble with chocolate ice cream( which I didn’t make), mocha sauce ( I made that!) and choco chips πŸ™‚

And yesterday too my cake broke but not completely! I’ll take that!! I turned it into a cake burger/ mini cake!! And I made frosting for the first time! Ahhh it came out so well, so buttery smooth and so so yum!!! I was so proud of myself πŸ™‚

Also I love that Instagram filter!

And today cause I was feeling pretty low I decided to change my phone wallpaper. The sky today was so so pretty!

And so I decided to use that and added in some pizazz!

It oddly calms me down and is very you go gurl for me!

Any other tips to cope (other than stress eating, obviously ) are very welcome

Wish me luck

Oh and if I don’t die you’ll see me here after my exams.. (Dec 5th peeps is when it ends)

Just saying πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ


Dream ❀

8 thoughts on “Self Care

  1. Loved this Self Care Dreamgirl,. do look for more options like baking… than just crying in the bed.. do not bottle up your feelings 😦 why not dancing thinking no one is watching you :>

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