Fo(u)r Your Eyes

I did mention that I wanted to continue this series, right after I had finished this year’s A-Z. And so here I am, 5/6 months later xD

You can find my previous posts of this series here:

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So please do read the previous posts before you read this one. Hope you like it!

Dear Diary,

Today is our one year anniversary. I wrote him this poem! I hope he really likes it!

Fingers crossed.

I like the silence between us
It is something only we share
Only you and I can hear
Only you and I can understand

This silence between us is comforting
There is only you and me 
And when you look at me with those eyes
The whole world fades into the background

There is not a lot said 
But a whole lot understood 
Our needs, our wants, our desire
Burning into each other in that single look

They say that silence is awkward 
And successful relationships need communication
But who are they to understand that ours is beyond verbal
Who are they to understand two hearts beating only for each other. 

He has a special evening planned for us. I have to sneak out again. Ooo how exciting and fun. I love being 16. Haha. Anyway Diary, I hope he kisses me again. I love that I can tell you anything and no one will ever know. You are my bestest friend. Bye now



Dear Diary,

Oh my god. It was so beautiful. We picnic-ed at this corner spot in our apartment, under the stars and it was so perfect. Our friends were on parent patrol.. and everything was so perfect.

He kissed me again!!!!!!! I think I will be with him forever. My heart is beating so fast. Okay I think I hear footsteps. Gotta hide you bye. ❤

Present Day,

Dear Diary,
I was searching for something before my eyes fell upon an old diary of mine.

And now here I am, sitting quietly in my corner penning down my thoughts. Apparently even 10 years ago, I wrote down everything I felt instead of telling them out loud. Maybe somethings don’t change. 

I don’t know what I was searching for anymore.

But looking back to those good old days still makes my heart well up. He was pretty darn amazing. I still haven’t spoken to him. I feel so guilty. I left without a word. But how could I explain to him in words why I had to leave. 

I have seen him twice in a row, on Friday. Do I dare to reach him out and talk to him? But I am with Nate now, will meeting him affect our relationship? Nate doesn’t know anything about him but that was after all a highschool romance. THE highschool romance but still.

I feel guilty. I don’t know what to do.  

I think I hear footsteps. Gotta hide you, bye 😛 ❤

Phew, that was a long post.

I hope you like the continuation.

Can’t wait to read your thoughts,


Dream ❤

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