What’s not to love about this holiday?

Although I am not a fan of the horror genre, I personally love this holiday. Too many treats for my very sweet tooth and you don’t even have to show your face(if you don’t want to). It’s perfect. You can binge eat and binge watch stuff and nobody cares!

That being said, I’m from India. Why am I telling you that here? Because nobody celebrates Halloween, okay not nobody but most people don’t. We don’t have the custom of dressing up and going around the neighbourhood for trick or treat.

This holiday looks like its so much fun! Going around the neighbourhood with your best buddies at night, tp-ing someone’s house, staying outside as long as you can and for adults a halloween costume party. Basically I’m jealous and I want to celebrate the holiday the right way!

So here’s what I did instead, thoroughly inspired by T at No Love for Fatties, I painted my nails. You should definitely go check her nails out. They are so darn amazing!!!

Here is my take, all I can say for myself is I tried!

So in case you totally don’t get it, there are two candies, a ghost and another on my thumb(not visible above) and oh well my attempt at a spider.

Much help required xD

Anyways, that’s it for now! Happy Halloween Folks!!

See you soon


Dream ❤

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