Can you just-


Firstly.. I’m jumping up with joy and also definitely probably crying.. I hit 400 followers!!!

So happpyyy :0

Anyways jumping to today’s post.

Can you just GET OFF YOUR PHONE?

Don’t get me wrong, I also love Instagram and Snapchat as much as the next teen that reads this post. (Haha, I can now say this xD )

But it’s getting too much. So many people are attached to their phones… like literally. And to a large extent, I was too!

Here’s what I did to achieve this enlightenment!

  1. Watch Social Dilemma on Netflix!!!
    • Documentaries may not be your thing, but you HAVE to watch this. Even if you are not glued to your phone like the others, It is so informative and so mind blowing. It’s barely 90 minutes and it does not disappoint!
  2. Switch your browser
    • If you did watch the above documentary, you will see how Google tactics work. I am NOT against using it. Heck I love everything about it, but there lies the problem.
    • Also the “browser” I am recommending is just an add-on. It is very much a part of google. It doesn’t cost anything. ECOSIA. And I understand you are used to the format of google searches. Trust me I know its hard, I’ve gone back to using google many times during this week BUT I happened to glance at this number while I was surfing on ECOSIA, I had planted 30 trees!
    • Did I forget to mention that for every search you make on this browser, a tree is planted! I was so overjoyed when I saw that number!
Just google Ecosia, and you can read all about their project!

3. Screen Time

I have this urge to reply to messages as soon as I hear the ping! If not reply, I have to check the notification and then debate about whether or not I should reply. SO this is what I did now, All my notifications silently appear on my screen. They don’t make noise, they just appear at the top. Except of course WhatsApp. Instagram also has this ability that can help reduce your screen time. Just click on the three lines in the corner on your account and right on top is Your Activity, you can limit your time you spend and it’ll give you a reminder once you have spent that time on Instagram. This is not a built in feature for other apps, but there are plenty of apps that will help you. I just didn’t want to download another app and hence the changes in notifications. For Snapchat.. no notifications appear, because that ping while the other person is texting makes me want to jump into the conversation and watch while the message appears.

4. Habits

So I have had this annoying habit of reaching out to my phone as soon as I wake up. And it isn’t healthy even while watching stuff on your phone to fall asleep. They do say the no gadgets 1h before sleeping, but I cannot do this. I need to check my phone and see to it that all my work is done before I crash. So I only follow the morning rule. I just leave my phone as far away from me while I sleep, you can even leave it in another room. So now as soon as I wake up, I lie in bed, just thinking, half asleep instead of groggily going through my phone.

I hope this helps you, if you are attached a little too much to your phone. Do let me know any other tips you follow

Have a great day


Dream ❤

6 thoughts on “Can you just-

  1. Congrats on 400! And great call outs. I definitely switched off notifications on social media etc after Social Dilemma. I’m still guilty of a fair bit of phone time though but that’s cause I use it for actual life stuff – blogging, email, grocery shopping, research etc. So I cut myself some slack 😬🤷🏻‍♀️😂

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  3. I want to say i dont use my phone that much, but atleast for 2 hrs a day easily nowadays.
    I actually switched off all my notifs. It helps.
    Also i wish i could just switch off my phone and throw it somewhere.

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