How are you guys doing?

Me? Well killing time by watching some amazing tv shows and movies. Oh yes and online classes :/

Amazing shows I am watching/ finished watching these past couple of months.

1) Suits

The final season finally came on Amazon prime and wow what a series. I really hoped the ending wasn’t so rushed but it was near perfect ending for the 9 seasons show.

And how could you not drool over this?

And her 😍

Available on: Netflix (only till s8) and Amazon Prime

2) The Mentalist

I’ve been watching this show forever and I finally finished it.

This show revolves around Patrick Jane, he is also 😍 but wins you over with his charm.

He’s a “psychic”. Nah, actually he’s super observant and yes this is a crime thriller/ detective show.

Available on: Amazon Prime

3) The Good Place

Personally I liked it. I finished three seasons and I’m waiting for the last one.

Most people loose interest after the first season but I was hooked to Eleanor. And yeah season 2 didn’t start out great but eh I wanted to finish it 🙂

Available on: Netflix

4) One Day at a Time

I like this family comedy quirky show. Also it’s super relatable to me and my family. I love seeing them break off into Spanish randomly.

I’m still in season 2 and have another two to go. The 5th season is rumoured to happen.

Available on: Netflix

And lastly,

5) Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D

If you are a Marvel fan, you have gotto watch this show!

It’s mind blowing and it’s super awesome. Yes it’s long. Yes it gets confusing. But dude, it’s Marvel!!!!!!

Also for true fanatics there is a huuuggggeeee suprise in season 1 episode 1 so watch it!!!!!

I’m now in season 3 and I have 4 full seasons to go but I can’t wait to see them all!!!

Available on: Disney+ Hotstar

Okie that’s it for today folks!

See you all real soon 🙂

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