Ellie’s POV 

I was in charge of going through Brianna’s belongings. 

I was through most of her boxes. I had spent almost three days going through her numerous boxes. I now only had two of them left. There was absolutely nothing useful indicating anything about her secret life. Well except those surveillance cameras. The ones that weren’t even installed. 

I had lost all hope. This felt like such a futile search. I just wanted to be done with this and get back to the precinct. Hopefully there I could do something that would actually help. 

The past three days were almost entirely the same. I did the same thing. Drive to the precinct, report in. See if there were any new updates and if it required my assistance. Grab breakfast and make my way to Brianna’s house. Spend the day there, going through it all and then either head back to the precinct to catch up with the others or just head home. 

But this morning was different. Holly was ecstatic. She had found a bunch of leads and amongst them one caught my eye too. Something Holly has discarded, assuming it to be for show. But I knew better. I picked up the image and I instantly knew what it was. 

It was an image of an old lock but if you looked at it in the right angle, you could find an engraving in small etching.

 Using a magnifying glass I peered at it.

That which opens isn’t what it is

A key opens a lock. That’s the most obvious answer. But it’s isn’t what it is. So that got me thinking. Our valuables are locked either by key, number lock or by a password! 

And that’s when the wildgoose hunt started. I mistook an ordinary engraved key to be the actual one. I now had to find the actual one to get to the storage locker. In it which hopefully lay her case files, her info and every possible lead that could help this case, that was almost held up and till now. 

Just two more boxes. If it weren’t here, I’d have to go tap around in her old house. But that would be reckless. To leave a key as important as that in your old home. That is why the key had to be here. 

I had checked the ceiling, floors and tapped the walls for hollow spaces before I started looking into the boxes. Nothing, but then again she was just moving into the place.

One last box.

Just regular clothes.

I overturned her pockets and emptied the contents. 



What a disappointment. 

While I was mindlessly folding her clothes and my mind wandered and complained, my hand touched something sturdy in the hem of one of her baggy pants. 

No wonder I didn’t hear a thud when the pants fell to the floor. 

Using my pocket knife, I cut across the hemline and voila, the key!

20 thoughts on “Valuable

  1. “That which opens isn’t what it is”, that was really interesting! Ellie’s job needed a lot of patience and perseverance. Pat on her back for doing her job so well.
    But I feel we are still away from unraveling the mystery shrouding the murder.

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