Next week is going to be the last week of the challenge!

Yeah I know I seem excited for that, well cause from this post onwards I’m officially playing catch up.

Pretty clever aren’t I for naming a character with Q just so that I won’t have to rack my brain when it comes to this later? xD

It was a fluke by the way 🙂

Anyways here’s to another good week of blogging!

Dream ❤

Mr. Prongers had given half the day off. He knew that all of us had to go have a word at the station. He refused to shut the shop and argued that he would be able to manage for a couple of hours. 

I wanted to be done with this as soon as possible. I wanted to go back to work. Not just because Mr.Prongers was alone but also because work provided the distraction. 

After the interrogation we decided to take a cab together. We were all headed to the same place anyways. Reduce pollution. 


That reminded me of Brianna. She was such a strong woman with her morals and her beliefs. She would go and on about how we were destroying Mother Earth. I wholly agreed with her but seeing her passionately rant about it, I could never pay my attention to her words. I was always awestruck by that fire in her eyes. She was stubborn and once she set her mind on something, there was no turning back. 

I warned her many times. I hated her being at risk. Yes, I knew she was a CI. And yes I know I lied to the cop, arguing what harm could possibly occur at the shop. I know John wasn’t referring to that. But I didn’t trust him. I didn’t trust Graciela. Both of them are cops, maybe she’s in on it too with him. I couldn’t let them know everything that I knew. 

And technically she never asked me directly. 

While I was rationalizing my arguments, Alexis spoke up, “You miss her, don’t you?”

Alexis was the more bearable of the siblings. Neither of them cared enough to see what their father wanted. They each had their own differences. I have only spoken to both of them a handful times and yet I could tell Alexis was much better.  

Will had this dickhead vibe around him. This screamed from miles away. Even if he had a huge note on his forehead stating that he’s a good guy, I wouldn’t believe it. 

I only nodded in response to Alexis’ question. 

Will chose to speak at this moment,” It is a pity she died before she could get to know me.” 

I fumed, internally of course. Arguing with Will would be like arguing with a brick wall. Actually it would be better to argue with the wall rather than Will. 

Alexis ignored it too. I guess she’s used to it. She then asked me something that irked up my curiosity. Actually it wasn’t so much for the question than the expression on Will’s face. 

“Quince, did they ask you about some guy named John Gavick?”

As soon as she asked, Will, he turned his head towards her and then pretended to look away. 

For all that smugness on his face, he sure is stupid. Playing with poker would be fun with this. Could make a easy few bucks. 

I knew then she didn’t know the dude at all but he did. She had made an obvious error. I didn’t want to correct her.

“Oh yeah John Gavick. He was her ex. Apparently some douche.”

Will, who was intently listening, sniggered,”It’s Gavish you knuckle heads.”

That was all the confirmation I needed. 

Silence ensued. And Will took that as an opportunity to take something out of his pocket and sniff. 


17 thoughts on “Quince

  1. It was genius to name a character with a name starting with Q… even if it wasn’t intentional. Next time… Xavier and Zachary or Zoe. 😀 Funny… this year, I had no problem coming up with something for Q… but I have nothing for R or T through Z. I’m so screwed!

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