Kale? Kale.

Liz’s POV
I don’t think I ever told you the full details of the report we got back from the lab.
One would think it to be normal after all it was to be a lab report, but oh well apparently nothing about this case wanted to be normal.
The blood found on the crime scene belonged to our victim, Brianna Collins and John Gavish. There was also another sample found but there wasn’t enough of the sample and it had been thoroughly contaminated by the victim and John’s blood.
And out of all the extraordinary things that can be found on the crime scene, kale was found.

Yes you read it right. Kale.

It was ingested by Brianna and the little box of kale was also found contaminated with her blood behind one of the kitchen cupboards. It seemed like someone had sprinkled the kale powder on the pizza that they ate. No further tests could be performed as the box lay empty.
There were no fingerprints on it but that must have been obvious too by now right?
The body’s autopsy concludes that she was indeed murdered. There was not one but two murder weapons confirming my gut feeling that there was more than one murderer.
Brianna had had an allergic reaction to kale but it didn’t seem like someone had forced it down her throat. She must have thought it was a mistake but this trusted person she was dining with was very well prepared.
Could this person really be John Gavish? A cop murdering his own girlfriend? But, why?

Hope you guys are all safe in the confines of your home.

Wishing you happiness, love and good health.

What do you guys think of story so far?

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25 thoughts on “Kale? Kale.

  1. Could Kale be the Killer? Everyone raves about the benefits of kale…but I have yet to convince my sweetie to try it. He looks at the kale and says “are ya trying to kill me?” I am enjoying your story….keep the words coming! Cheers!

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  2. Kale might not be a Killer – except to a meat-eater 😉 – but it might disguise a more toxic poison. Or is there a kale allergy as deadly as the one with nuts? Time to distract myself down a rabbit hole before tomorrow’s episode.

    Liked by 1 person

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