Graciela’s POV

While I was driving back from work that day, my conversation with John kept replaying in my head.

He didn’t make sense, I mean he did but his timeline just didn’t add up.

Was it because he was too busy grieving that he didn’t realise what he was saying?
How could he say he didn’t know at first that she shifted but happened to be at the crime scene during the crime.
Why did he have to wait to read the newspaper to figure out who she was if he was the one that called 911?

Is he hiding something? If so what?

I had to speak to him. Make sure that his story checks out. And figure about Liz.

He is technically our primary suspect. I had to tread carefully. If this was all a part of his plan then I must not let him know that I’m on to him. If he isn’t a part of it then there’s absolutely no harm in him repeating the story. He would find no excuse. He will know it’s just a part of the process to question witnesses over and again to see if new information can be revealed.
That being said I had to track down possible leads from Tonique’s Antiquities. Quince is out of place. The daughter has visited the store more times than her brother and knows Brianna more than he does. Or have they met outside?

The possibilities seemed endless. But what was still unclear was the motive.

Why would anyone try to hurt Brianna? Why hurt her at all?

12 thoughts on “Jeopardy

  1. Clever web you’re weaving. I’m as confused as Graciela, especially when you write, “… she shifted but happened to be at the crime scene during the crime.” What am I missing there? What did Brianna shift?

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