Liz’s POV

Now that we had identified the victim, this opened up a lot of leads.

We had already questioned the neighbours but they heard or saw nothing suspicious. Most of them didn’t even know that house was no longer vacant. So it was out of question for them to even identify who the victim was.

There were barely any security cameras as everyone considered it to be a safe neighbourhood. But I guess Brianna was being cautious due to her work. We found security cameras in one of her boxes ready to be installed. Pity she didn’t install them sooner.
She obviously had no designated co-workers at this job. She had a part time job at the antiques shop down north.

Tonique’s Antiquities.
The shop was old and had a weird pungent smell. The owner was in his fifties at least. He moved around quite a bit but it was understandable that he would need help to manage a place like this.
The shop was first owned by Tonique, Mr. Pronger’s grandfather. He has currently been running the shop for 30 years. His son wants nothing to do with the shop but his daughter seemed inclined but may have wanted to revamp the place.

That is why Mr. Pronger was hesitant to give it to his daughter. It was a traditional shop and he wanted things to remain as it is.
I spoke to both his son and daughter and what he said was true.
The son couldn’t care less and the daughter wanted to touch it up a little to attract more customers. Business after all was slow.

Brianna had a co-worker Quince. Quince was a charming young fellow. I have no clue why he chose to work at this place. He didn’t seem the right fit at all. Everything in here was old and vintage and there he was like a shiny new coin amidst it all.

I could understand why Brianna would work here. To keep a low profile. No one would suspect her. But why Quince was here was beyond me.
Everyone had more or less the same impression of Brianna. Soft spoken, hard working and was kind to all the customers. Typically low profile of her.
I had to ask Mr. Pronger about Quince. He said that the young boy insisted that he worked here. He was charming and stubborn and so he ended up with the job after all.

Mr. Pronger didn’t understand either why he would work here but he did his job well and looked after the shop carefully when no one was around. Mr. Pronger had nothing to complain about.

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