Homicide Department

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I hope all of you are well and taking care of yourselves ❤

Liz’s POV

This morning when I walked in, I was suddenly taken back to my first day at this office.

In the year 1971, I was transferred to this office and joined the Homicide Department. This precinct had high crime rates and low arrests. Murder was common. And justice was nowhere in the room. I was transferred since I was doing a good job in my older precinct. 

I had little expectations when I moved in since I had done my research but what I saw on my first day nothing could have prepared me for it. 

No wonder there were low arrests, all of them were middle aged men with pot bellies and obviously no stamina to run. How would they be even able to pursue the criminal? 

I realised though I was made in charge I cannot just be done with them right away. I would have to know each one of their talents. After a couple of weeks of observation, this was my conclusion.

Brigsby was the youngest of the lot, was good at interrogation and definitely was the only one who could at least try to chase down the suspect. He had to hit the gym and get back on track 

Albert was good with his computer, could track down suspects, phone calls, and basically anything to do with his computer. But aside from that there was nothing else. 

Lohank was not fit to be in the homicide department. He had anger management issues and would set off at the slightest inconvenience. 

Brigsby and I had each other’s backs when we were on duty. But I knew I needed more hands on field duty. Which is why I convinced my boss to let us hire young associates. 

Holly was our first recruit back then. She could have easily replaced Albert but we insisted that she was on field duty with us. As Holly started to get better at her work Lohank was enraged that he wasn’t chosen for any task of importance. A brawl broke out and that was the moment I had been waiting for. One strong wrong move by Lohank and that was all that was needed for my boss to take action. He knew what kind of cop Lohank was but he needed the last push which I gladly took it up on my hands to do so. 

Our next recruit also happened to be a girl, Ellie.

Ellie was smart and had many sources. She had applied for a transfer from the armed robberies department. 

Years passed by, Albert retired and Holly took over his job. With all the up and coming advancements in technology, Holly was a life saver. But of course she was always available for field duty.

Within a year of Albert’s retirement Brigsby retired too. We needed another person on our team but we were unable to find a good fit. 

I was called upon an emergency task force and that was when I met Graciela. She was extremely logical and analytical. It was the perfect balance for me. All we had to do was ensure was this task force to be a success. And I could convince my boss to hire her.

We ended up being the only department run by all girls and to be a part of this was such an honour. We had each other’s backs. Chase down suspects. And once in two weeks we would all go out together. It was perfect. All up until now.

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