Graciela’s POV

“Graciela, please let me explain. Don’t storm away. Sit down please.”

“Fine. You have 2 minutes. Start talking before I arrest you.

“Graciela, Brianna and I were lover’s. We have been seeing each other for a while now.”

“How long?”

“Three-four years. The house that she moved into recently, we were planning on living together.

“Okay. Why is your blood on the crime scene?”

“I was there.”

“What do you mean you were there?”

“I was in the house with her. Helping her move in. We had just taken a break and we were in the kitchen.”

“Why didn’t you hear anyone come in?”

“We were..” He pauses slightly, face flushed. 


“We were distracted. And before I could realise what was happening it was too late. I was hit and pushed away to the side. I blacked out. And when I woke up. She was gone. Gone.”

John breaks down.

It takes him awhile to get back to normalish. Waking up to see that much blood and your loved one die would have been very tragic.

As my thoughts begin to race, John speaks up.

” I was the one that called it in. I called 911. I wanted to stay but our relationship is not public”

“Not public?? You’ve been with her for three years and more!!”

“If we had gone public then that would affect her job. She’s still a CI. And dating a cop would affect her credibility. I was ready to go public. She wanted to continue working, tie up some loose ends. Help close a few more cases. And then she said we’ll announce it to the world by getting married.  Can you imagine, we were going to married.”

That triggered him and he couldn’t control it. Questioning him further right now would be a waste of time. I asked him to keep in touch and his face dropped a little when I said don’t leave the country but he and I both knew it was necessary.

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