Liz’s POV 

I don’t know for how long I passed out but by the time I woke up, it was the next morning. I woke up to the victim’s file under my nose and that gruesome picture. 

Maybe it was the fact that I had just woken up and felt ready to conquer the day or it was the fact that I was extremely tired the night before but I knew then, at that exact moment who this girl was.

Everything clicked in my head. Piece by piece, all that information in one complete sweep down memory lane I had it all. 

Excited I ran out to tell Graciela about the breakthrough that I found but it was yesterday all over again. She was way too busy listening to John. Yes Gracie I know you might have a crush on him but we have to solve the crime, do our jobs. Let’s go Grace. But again no response. 

Dejected, I went down to the archives myself and started fishing out for her file. After about 15 minutes of being covered in dust, I found her file. 

Brianna Collins. 

Brianna was my CI. My confidential informant. This was when I had just started working out for this department. I found her through one of my first few cases, she was one of the witnesses. And only cause she was at the wrong place at the wrong time. She was a working girl and she was scared out of her bones. I helped get her life together and she helped me solve cases when I needed her. It was perfect. And then Graciela came in, Brianna got with a guy and so we both got busy. I had heard that she recently moved out of her old place and got her own. I forgot the guy’s name. I know he was someone familiar but I just didn’t know who. Deciding to tell Graciela about it, I walked up.

She was still right there talking to John. Wait, that was the guy I think. That’s who Brianna was with. But before I could drop this bomb, Graciela picked up the lab report that was just delivered. She dropped the paper in shock and looked at John like he had just torn her apart piece by piece. There were 2 people’s DNA found on the crime scene. One obviously belonged to the victim, Brianna and the other, Mr. John Gavish.

13 thoughts on “Framed?

  1. Oh, what a clever way to build on yesterday’s cliff-hanger – and then add more. I’m enjoying this. [Brief suggestion: when we get to Z, edit the whole story into a few ‘acts’ and re-post – as I did last year with my crime story. BTW are Liz & Graciella a romantic couple – like my detectives?]

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