Last Day

Our trip to Leh was coming to an end and frankly neither one of us wanted to leave.

We took more pictures of the Pangong lake! And oh well, again referencing to the Bollywood movie, 3 idiots the last scene was shot right on the banks of this lake.

You guys know what I’m talking about right xD?

The drive from Pangong to Leh was now through Chunga la pass. Another slippery,snowy, cold, beautiful drive!

Snow in the middle of nowhere!

Pit stop at Chung la pass, to eat piping hot Maggi. How can one not have Maggi when they are in the mountain ranges? And of course Momo’s!

Passing by more and more serene and wallpaper worthy back drops!

Next we visited Thiksay Monastery, again situated at the top of a hill offering a birds eye view of the serene and beautiful Leh!

The drive through entrance and then steps for the climb!

The view!

Our last stop for the day was The Rancho school. Again referencing to the 3 idiots movie, the scenes from the school were actually shot here! And not at Secmol School. That school was the inspiration.

We headed back to Leh, the same cute little hotel.

Since it was our last day we obviously had to do some souvenir shopping! So we went back to the Leh market!

Every store was lit and it looked so beautiful the entire street!

Like the image says these are the ones that quite frequently bought, in various forms such as statues, earrings, pendants, keychains!

This is what I ended up buying! Pretty chic no?

Since the weather and soil of Leh is not that favourable for growing a lot of the crops and vegetables only very crops are grown! Wheat is abundantly grown and is the main staple of the place! Vegetables like carrot, baby potatoes, bitter gourd actually all types of gourds, cabbage are grown. The main fruit is the Leh berry, along with oranges! Apricot is widely grown too!

Everything else is imported from Kashmir,Delhi, Chandigarh, Pune and surrounding areas.

Women don’t stay idle! As they sit waiting for customers to come around, they knit! They knit woolen headbands and scarves and sweaters!

Fresh Apricots!

Baby carrots!

And apples imported from Jammu and Kashmir.

Now after all that shopping and window shopping it was time for fooood!

A must eat place when you are on Leh market!

Yummy, delicious mouth watering chats and snacks! Delhi ki yaad aajeyegi!

This pav bhaji was to die for! So freaking yum!

I also had the bread pakoda and I must say they managed to surprise me by not being the typical bread pakoda!

And with this our trip came to an end.

Early next morning was a flight back home!

I hope you enjoyed my posts dedicated to the trip. And I hope it kinda ignited the spark in you to travel! And I hope this series was enough for you to go and visit Leh-Ladakh!!! (And if ever the tourism department sees this, then haha I did this even without any commission xD Jk 🙂 )

Hoping to seeing you all very soon! I promise to come often and write and spam your inboxes with mails from me!


Dream Girl ❤️

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