Pangong Lake

Day 4 in the cold and well things were about to get even more cold!

The trip to Nubra Valley was essentially a long scenic drive, emphasis on the long cause well yeah it was an entire day’s trip!

But to tell you the entire road trip was just beautiful is an understatement and frankly insulting to what it actually was. Mere words don’t begin to explain the beauty of the sights. This is totally a must experience in one’s life time!

The roads in itself were really good in some stretches and in some there was no road at all. And the best part in some was that it’s just tar all over on the road and in between from absolutely no where there would be this huge puddle of water, and oh in some it would actually be flowing water. Small stream though! And this is all because it was a week before off season, basically everything shuts down because of the snow and the whole place reopens only back in late March.

It was so freaking cool to be able to drive over the water! But as amazing as it sounds, in some places the roads were so narrow and also the fact that all these are hill ranges, so lot of hairpin curves it would be so scary!!! Like literally you could fall off the hill and God’s the height *phew*

You should basically never look down!

After this beautifully breathtaking, quite literally drive we reached Pangong!

Pangong is THE world’s highest salt water lake present on the Indo-China Border! They say only 1/3rd of the lake is present in India but my that itself is huge! Huge, I tell you!

It’s all blue as far as your eye can I see! And this fact will absolutely blow your mind! You ready?

The water changes colours depending on how you look at it, the timing and the season! Don’t believe me? Look carefully at the above picture and then now at this one below!

It is the same picture but the first one was taken early next morning while this one was taken as soon as we reached the place!

The lake is surrounded by Chang Chenmo range to the north and above are the glacier and snow capped mountains of the Pangong range!

The water is Crystal clear and oh my it is so darn cold! This place was freezing!!!

Okay I’ll show you a better picture of the colour changing!

This is the right of the lake, keep the brown peak at your left as the reference! It is incomplete in the picture.

That peak is now complete in this picture and is now to the right.

Now do you see the difference in the colours?

Oh it was so beautiful and I can go and on and on about how it was, but seriously you should visit this place!

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