Nubra Valley

Day Three of my road trip and things were about to get more exciting and oh well colder!

I’m not a winter person! I am more of a summer/fall/rain kinda girl xD

The only thing I like about winter is layering up and oh well snuggling in.

To reach Nubra we had to go through the Khardung-la pass. It’s a mouthful isnt it? Well what can I say it is The Worlds Highest Motorable Road, now do you know I wasn’t exaggerating when I said it’s going to get cold!

I finally got to touch snow!!!

After warming my body up with what felt like the world’s best hot chocolate we began to motor our way down to Diskit and Hundar.

After seeing the water gushing by, lush greenery and also the snow capped mountain tops it was quite surprising to see empty barren land that were all sand dunes!

Well it proved to be really fun since I rode an ATV! And let me tell you it was just thrilling!!

This is also provided to be a great place for camel rides! The speciality about Leh camels are that they are double humped!

I didn’t ride one though, but I heard it was quite fun!

Just before we reached our campsite, we stopped at Diskit Gompa!

A magnificent, tall statue of Lord Buddha, on top of a hillock overlooking the lush green parts of Leh!

Well leaving the comforts a hotel room sounded like a bad idea but upon seeing my tent, let me tell you I wasn’t disappointed!

Pretty comfy eh?

It did a get a lot colder in the night, which is why like in all good stories an adventures, you light a bonfire!

It was a beautiful sight to watch the fire and to keep it alive! Super fun!! Played a couple of games and it was a good bonding opportunity for the 8 of us!

And that’s how my day ended, warm and content both in body and in heart, I fell asleep in the now not so cold arms of Mother Nature!!

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