Wonders of Leh (2)

So the last thing I told you was about the beautiful innovative Secmol School. Don’t know what I’m talking about? No worries, just click here

And you will be up to date about this!

Moving on, the drive from Secmol to the confluence of the Zanskar and Indus was so breathtakingly beautiful.

The two rivers merge and it is such a treat to the eyes!

While heading back to Leh, we stopped at Spituk Gompa. It is situated on the top of a hillock providing a panoramic view of the Indus Valley for miles! The 15th century Gompa houses many interesting icons and thangkas of Lord Buddha.

The top view of the Gompa!

This is actually the view of the military air Base, actually just a very small part of it!

The scenic view from the top!

This was how windy the place was! It was so strong I thought that my phone would fly away! Listen to it!!

Pretty flowers on the climb up to the top!

And this officially ends my day 2 in Leh! Next stop was to Nubra valley, and we would be leaving the comforts of the hotel to camp in Nubra Valley! It sounded pretty darn exciting to me!!

Stay tuned 🙂


Dream ♥️

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