Wonders of Leh

So after a long cold night’s sleep, I was awakened to sunshine streaming into my room.

The garden I talked about yesterday?

Well this was how the morning view was.

After a good breakfast we headed out to explore more of Leh and Ladakh.

Our first stop was at The Hall of Fame.

It’s a museum built and run by the Indian Army which is filled with war memorabilia, martyr biographies, images of the Kargil war and other battles, weapons used in war, the survival essentials for the cold climate: camping gear, tents, outfits etc.

After a heart touching stop we moved on to have a very scenic drive to the incredible famous Secmol School. To all the Bollywood fans out there who would have watched 3 idiots, the innovative school showcased in the last scene was inspired by this school.

Run by the scientist Sonam Wangchuk and many many volunteers, this school is definitely one of a kind.

Since they live a mountain life, the normal maths or science they learn has no significant use to them. Which is why their entire curriculum is based on surviving the mountain life.

Be it making their own greenhouses to grow plants, storage facilities for the vegetables, making their own compost, basically anything you can think of.

The blackened parts of the wall help retain heat in winter. The sheets come down to keep the warmth from dissipating.

Huge windows to allow maximum sunlight to get in!

The cold storage, the entry to this place is fascinating! A small low built tunnel with heavy wet curtains to keep the heat out!

In summers don’t you feel like sitting in the refrigerator? Well if you are here that’s exactly what it feels like!!!

Did I mention the entire school is run only by solar energy!?? They do not have electricity at all!!!

Everything in this campus is reused, reduced and recycled! Nothing is spared!

Made from broken glass pieces, a map of Ladakh.

Huge dustbins!? You can’t even call them that!! The sign is made from broken spoons and bottle bits.

An abandoned car made into a small little house! Where you can sit and relax and do whatever you please!

The interiors of the car house!

Pretty darn fancy right?

The perfect camping spot!!

My second day in Leh didn’t come to an end right here but this post should! Cause I think have go on a lot!! Stay tuned for more!


Dream Girl ❤️

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