Hey guys,

I know it’s been a long time since I’ve written here. My apologies.

But I do often write on my Instagram account @_tdg_writes

Anyways back to the post,

Recently I went on this almost week long road trip to Leh-Ladakh, India. And let me just tell you, it was serene, beautiful, quiet and peaceful.

The first day in Leh, was the day to rest. Since it is at a higher altitude, you need time to get acclimatized to the weather and the cold.

The lack of oxygen does make you dizzy and tired and as suggested all I did was sleep in! Why would anyone argue with that!?

In the evening we(it was a group of 8 random people set up by the agency I was travelling with) went to the Leh Palace.

The architecture was something I had never seen before. It was a 9 storey building with large open spaces for allowing maximum sun light to enter in and with very narrow corridors and small rooms to help retain the warmth.

This was only four storeys of the palace! Only five more to go, what a climb it was! Phew

The view from the top!

The windows were so different too!

Next stop was Shanti Stupa, which is the sun set point for Leh. I was so super excited cause my flight was an early morning one and I got to witness the sunrise after so long(I’m lazy, I don’t wake up XD). So the thought of witnessing both sun rise and sun set on the same day was thrilling for me.

Say hello to the sun!

The magnificent Shanti Stupa.

But alas, it was too cloudy and I couldn’t see the sunset. But on the plus side, the view from the Stupa was so darn beautiful!!

Too cloudy 😦

I know it doesn’t look like it was cold or anything, but seriously it was so windy you couldn’t hear the person standing next to you without yelling!

Last stop of the day, Leh Market.

It was quaint and extraordinary.

I couldn’t see around much cause I was super tired and so we all just headed back to our hotel.

Oh, the hotel was small and so very cute!

Look at their beautiful garden!

So many beautiful flowers!! What a sight!

So that was my day one!

Stay tuned to hear more!


Dream Girl ❤️

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