One of my other favourite past times!!!

I love playing. Anything for that matter. I’m such an outdoor person and well an indoor person too! But since this post deals with sun, sweat and practice let’s just call me as an outdoor person!

So summer is my favourite season, as I have had mentioned before. Well it was my favourite for a lot of reasons but the most important one being, no school= more play time. This was my routine every summer day:

Get up, drink milk with some biscuits/bread, go down and play.

Come back for lunch. But I had to bathe before I could eat. Mom’s you know!

Go back down. Play till it’s time for me to come back for evening milk 🙂 ( is it too evident that I love milk? XD).

And back to playing till it was dinner time. Then sleep ♥️. And the routine goes on!

As I mentioned above, I play anything! Absolutely anything cause I love playing. But everything aside, I suck at playing football. That’s all I suck at. I’m not great at Table Tennis but I can manage, never tried Tennis though 🙄

I love swimming! Playing basketball, badminton, throwball and cricket! These are the sports I’m relatively good at!

What do you enjoy playing? What are some of the sports you play??

Also MAJOR news, my best friend’s dog gave birth to puppies!!! How adorable is that!!!!! I’m so happy. 😭♥️

It’s a litter of six. And they are so teeny and tiny and so damn cute, my heart aches! ♥️♥️♥️

And today is also one of my favourite cousin sister’s bday! ♥️


I just found out……

This post has been blessed by them puppers, cause guess who made a 100 posts on this blog!!! Woah I never thought I’d see this day!! ♥️

Thank you all for constantly showering your love upon me! I appreciate it a lot! ♥️




14 thoughts on “Sports

  1. I’m a fan of swimming, though most recently, I’ve started running, well, still jogging though, not running. I’m not a fan of the gym, I prefer to get my exercise outdoors.

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  2. I’m not really too much of a sports player. I LOVE watching hockey though! Hockey is my sport of choice hehe. I’ll play volleyball in the summer on the beach though. It’s so much better than playing inside. Other than that, I’m not really too into sports. I am into running now though. I’m kind of loving it!

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