Okaay so I thought about Q for a long time and this what I ended up with!

Not a bad choice after all!

Okay coming to the most ironic part of this post, I hate burnt food! But somehow I enjoyed stuff that is barbecued. Also before y’ll get your hopes up about reading different kinds of meat being barbecued, I’m a vegetarian, so none of that for me 🙃

So my first experience with barbecue was super pleasant! I tasted my first ever mushroom then and I have fallen head over heels in love with it! It is so gobsmackingly yum! So the things that I eat that are barbecued and the one that I love are: mushroom, potatoes, paneer, baby corn, surprisingly pineapples and watermelons which taste pretty good.  Some people even like banana (yuck).

That’s my Q post. Since tomorrow is a Sunday there’s no post but as I am a post behind I will be posting tomorrow as well, to make up and finally catch up!

9 thoughts on “bbQ

  1. LOL your BBQ stuff shouldn’t be burnt. There is a little bit to the grill marks and stuff but burnt food is never yummy. Unless it’s a marshmallow – then set that baby on fire and let it burn! Only for a few seconds though lol

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