Yeah so I’m a day late. But I’m playing catch up both along with my studies and my blog posts XD

Anyways heading to today’s post.  I love going out to places with my friends and family. I absolutely love road trips. I love travelling and exploring new places. But at the same time I’m also the person who would low key stay at home and binge watch some TV shows. I’m a moody person!!!

Outings for me are a blessing. It’s an escape from my mind and it’s overthinking. It provides me great opportunities to bond with my friends and laugh and laugh and laugh. Memories created in abundance. I’m a big foodie , so another reason to go out and try new places!!

So yeah, I’ll probably post P today evening or late night. Hopefully I do! And I’ve been too busy to reply to comments and look up other blogs but gimme a week’s time and I’ll definitely be spamming your notifications!

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