Nap time!

Apologies for the late post!!!

But yes coming to all time favourite thing to do!!! Sleeeeeppp! ♥️

Honestly I love sleep .But sometimes sleep doesn’t love me back and I don’t get enough of it and that’s why I often have affairs with naps .Naps is just wonderful. It’s caring and is right there when you need it!

Had a good breakfast, continue it with naps! Heavy lunch, nap will always greet you later, dutifully.

Naps are perfect and super convenient too! Gimme a bed, a pillow and good air conditioning I will drop right into nap’s arms. And suppose I fought with sleep, then I will go to nap anytime anywhere. None of those above things are required!

Napping provides the greatest escape of all times. Running away from work/ responsibilities. See I told you nap is perfect!

What do you think about cheating on sleep with naps!? Do you also do it often? Lemme know!

7 thoughts on “Nap time!

  1. I LOVE naps!! But I try not to fall into the trap of having one a lot. Like if I’m falling asleep before 10am then yes I will definitely have one. But if it’s the “after lunch lull” and I have to be at work in an hour and a half? I’ll skip the nap and just have a cup of coffee. And I’m weird, I need to be awake from them before 3pm or I won’t be able to sleep at night. Sometimes, if I’m REALLY drained before an evening event then I’ll set my alarm on my phone for 30 minutes and grab a super quick one. But that is very rare.

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