Mother Nature

Like I haven’t already told you guys how much I love her!

But like truly I do and how much ever I do, it isn’t enough.

My favourite nature-y things to do:

Walking on dried leaves and listening to them crunch.

Watching the sunrise/sunset.

Watching the rain. Listening to the rain. Playing in the rain.

Thunderstorms and hail stones. Thoroughly enjoy watching this. And I also get a little scared but it’s nice.

Trekking, camping.


Watering my plants .I have quite a few of em and I love the smell of the mud after I’ve watered them. Petrichor❤️

Looking upto the moon and staring at the stars.

Snow. I’ve always wanted to play in snow!

Wind. I absolutely love windy weather. If you have a good hair day then all the more reason to love it!img-20190413-wa0006

Not directly nature related but I love getting my hands dirty with mud so I love doing some pottery!

That concludes my post for M. I know I’m late. My apologies. N is an all time favourite, most people love it too. Any guesses?




5 thoughts on “Mother Nature

  1. Get out of my head ;P
    I love all your loves. You’ve never played in the snow? I can still remember my first real snowfall…glorious. Now that I live with it 8 months of the year, not so much, ha. Ok, so we’re not exactly alike. But I do have some snow for you, if you need it. We’ll probably have second winter soon enough!


    • Noo. Like the Himalaya trek that I referred to in one of my comments was my first opportunity to play with snow. But the day we were to play with it, I fell terribly sick and so I had to get back down 😞
      I want it! But I don’t want to be completely surrounded by it lol

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