Entertainment, what do I mean by that?

Well all I’m referring to is Movies, TV Shows,Music and fandoms we belong to!!!

In this modern technology era it is so easy to watch your favourite TV shows, well TV is outdated. I meant Netflix or Amazon Prime. Not saying that’s a bad thing. All I’m saying is people don’t know the struggles and the patience required to watch TV shows.

Waiting every week, punctually sitting in front of the TV. Fighting for the TV remote. And then finally watching it, but of course right then your mom would have some work for you and you get what I’m saying right?

Ooo Movies, I’m such a movie buff. I enjoy almost every genre except horror. I cannot watch them for the life of me.

Fandoms, my favourite place to be. The fanfiction theories, the number of posts on the internet, everything hypes me up so much!!!

I’m such a Potterhead, totally love the Percy Jackson fandom, big Marvel fan ( have you watched Captain Marvell!?!?!😍😍😍❤)

My favourite TV shows include One Tree Hill, Brooklyn Nine Nine, Suits, Friends, The Middle and The Man with a Plan!

Music!!!! Your true companion! Rescues you from awkward conversations. Helps you make friends! Transports you into a whole new world. And there is sooo many options to choose from!!!!

My all time favourite bands/artists include:

Coldplay, Linkin Park, One Direction (with Zayn Malik ❤), Maroon 5, Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, Charlie Puth, Shawn Mendes. I could go on really. I will listen to ANY kind of music really! I have no particular genre preferences. Also recently fallen in love with Billie Eilish. Like how??? She’s amazing. Barely 17 and so famous 😭😍❤

If you survived through all that I hope you were entertained by this post 😂

Lemme know what you think and if you are participating in the A-Z Challenge then do drop in your link!!

12 thoughts on “Entertainment

  1. I can’t handle TV. If I hear about a show I think I’d like, I get the boxed set. I did that with Monk and for season 1&2 it was worth it. They got rid of Bitty Schram part way through season 3 though, and I gave up on the series then. Certain on-screen chemistry/dynamics just can’t be replaced!

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  2. I do remember life before the easy of streaming anything you wanted to watch at any given moment. Life before being able to binge an entire series worth of television… seven seasons in a weekend. I remember the delicious anticipation of waiting for commercial breaks to finally end… for next Thursday to come so I can see the next episode of Lost… for next fall to arrive so I can finally get some resolution to last season’s finale cliffhanger.

    If I were to list off all of the fandoms I consider myself to be a part of or the TV shows I’ve loved in my life… well, I’d be typing all day. As far as music goes, if it’s something I can sing along with, I’m usually a fan. Unless it’s something I keep hearing 83 times a day on the radio. I’m feeling a pretty serious hatred for Maroon 5 and Shawn Mendes at the moment (Sorry… I know they made your list…).

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    • You get it!!!
      Haha well maybe someday when you’re free you can type it out!
      That’s totally okay! I do get bugged even though I like the song if they play it again and again.
      Like when Faded by Alan Walker (EDM, not everyone’s cup of tea) released, I loved it and all. But like every freaking place I went it would play. So annoying! I don’t think I have listened to it in a long after that!

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