Annoying Friends

Yes, this is how my A-Z 2019 is starting XD

So hello and welcome to this year’s A post! My theme this year is 26 Things that make me Happy, they are all super random but it’s true folks. All of this does make me happy!!

This ain’t a diss post. This is an appreciation post to all my close friends who think it is super funny to annoy me.

(I would have totally written the same thing for the letter F but that letter was auctioned off to a very important priority topic, so… you’ll know when we get there )

Coming back, seriously my friends have been my back bone throughout most of my life.

I will not deny the fact that sometimes ALL I want to do is roll my eyes at them. You get what I’m saying right?

This cute girl gets it!

They make me laugh, they make my cry. They get on my nerves but they sure do understand me.

For all of us friends are the icing on the cake of life right? Without the icing the cake would just be dry.

All of us share inside jokes with them. We have tonnes of memories with them. You have all been through lot of things together.

Am I right or am I right?

So here’s to my friends, thank you for making me happy.

Anyways this concludes my first post. Stayed tune for B.

Lemme know what you think and if you are participating in the A-Z Challenge then do drop in your link!!

28 thoughts on “Annoying Friends

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