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I’m jealous of how the wind gets to touch you.
While all I want to do is to run my hands though your hair.

I’m jealous of the surface you stand on.
How you gently tread on it..
I wish it could be me recieving those kisses.

I’m jealous of the sun light that heats you up.
While all I wish is your skin against mine generating warmth.

Maybe this is the only time I’ll admit
I am jealous.
Maybe all I want is you or maybe I want the imagined version of you.


6 thoughts on “Jealous

  1. I like how you wrote this piece with the wind, the ground, and the sun as providing and receiving elements to be jealous of. It is an interesting way to show the depth of the jealousy. I also like at the end how what appears so honest throughout is called into question or challenged by the line “or maybe I want the imagined version of you.” Nicely written.

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  2. Love the words that you have used to show jealousy. It’s a strong emotion. Isn’t it?
    More often than not we are in love with the image of the person in our ead rather than the person.
    Beautifully penned

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