The Conclusion

This post marks the end of the A-Z Challenge 2018.

The entire series can be found here.

Hope you enjoy the ending. Let me know what you felt down below in the comments.

Quite a welcoming party isn’t it? Bill boomed to his minions. They merely nodded their heads.

The lovely Leo and his Kate. Who’s that standing there? Seems familiar.

That’s my brother Theo or more familiarly Dave.

Ohh so the brothers are in this together? How convenient. How are you my darling Kate?
I’m neither yours nor am I your darling, Kate spoke with disgust tainting her voice.

Come now, what’s the need to be so disgusted by me?

Enough Bill, I have had enough of you. You lied to me about Leo. You knew exactly where he was. Don’t pretend anymore, I can’t take it, Kate said in a broken voice.

I didn’t lie to you Kate. You never asked me where Leo was. How is that lying?

Well then you hid the truth from me. You betrayed me. You sent your stupid minions to do your dirty work. You were hunting for me and Dave, wait Theo. If that wasn’t enough, you had the audacity to follow me secretly to come here.

Everything you said was true except the last one. I wasn’t following you. I was coming here to visit Leo in person. I wanted to take him to you. I followed you to prevent you from coming here, I have heard lots of unholy things from these parts of the island. I wanted Dave ,barnacles. I meant Theo because he knew something about me. I couldn’t let him spread that.

What makes you think, I’ll believe you Bill.

Quite frankly nothing. Anyways I didn’t come all the way here to fight with you. Moving on to business. Leo and Dave, yikes Theo we need you both to come with us.

Sure why not, we’ll just take orders from you and follow you wherever you go, right Theo..?

Look I don’t want to do this but you leave me no choice. I already know that Theo knows and because he does you’ll soon know too. I cannot risk that. Anyway my crew needs an extra pair of hands. I already know Dave works well. We’ll have to see how his brother handles it.

You’re mistaken Bill if you think I don’t already know. And no Theo didn’t utter a word. I found out by myself.

Well well that doesn’t simplify anything. Boys get them.

Theo and I braced ourselves. We had done this a number of times before and we were ready to go again.

But before we could do absolutely anything, a loud conch shell blew. And right after, the entire tribe encircled around us faster than you could say Attack.

Another conch blew. This time a portion of the tribe moved apart, giving enough space for their leader to walk in. Their Queen, Leanna walked in with grace and confidence. She held a serious expression.

Kate panicked. She didn’t know who’s side this tribe was. She edged closer to me. I reassured her with my smile. Theo too realized that the tribe was on our side.

Leanna confidently strode towards Bill. She asked Bill to speak to her in private. Bill agreed. For the sake of Leanna’s protection despite her complaints, I pushed her to take Donny with her.

After what seemed like ages they reappeared. Clearly Bill was happy with whatever agreement they had come to. I looked questioningly at Leanna, she mouthed the words later.

She addressed the entire tribe. My dear tribesmen and women, Captain Bill here has been thoroughly misunderstood. He has had to overcome many odds to reach here.

Theo, Kate and I were shocked. Was this the same Leanna that had saved my life..?

As part of our agreement, Captain here has agreed to make peace on one condition. He wants someone to join his crew. And after much thought I know the exact person for him. There’s no other person more suitable for him. I have decided to send Jack. The tribe was more shocked than us. Maybe this Jack was someone important.

After Bill, Jack and his minions left and the tribe had settled down. Leanna came around to speak to us.

After the necessary introductions, I urged Leanna to continue.

She made us promise to not laugh or say anything insulting. We hastily agreed.
Leanna went on to say that Bill was gay.

What? That was so completely unexpected. We all stood with our mouths open.

She said that he thought Theo had found out about that. And then he became even more afraid that you had found out, Leo.

Why would he be more afraid?

Don’t you see?! He wasn’t jealous of you. He was jealous of Kate. He had to go on to pretend to like Kate so that you wouldn’t be suspicious.

Kate burst out. Theo and I looked at each other.

Why did you send Jack with him?

Because he was the only tribesmen to be inclined towards men. And no one else is. Bill faces the same problem. Jack has been constantly made fun of by the others. He confided in me just like I shared my problems with him before I left. It was a perfect match. But I conclude that you and Theo didn’t find that out but found something else.

How did you know about that?

My tribe waited patiently for my order to encircle you. We all heard the entire conversation.

Ohh. Yes. We found out the hidden treasure in Bill’s ship.

Hidden treasure? Both Kate and Leanna voiced out at the same time.

Theo spoke up. He described the treasure and how he come across it.

We decided to have breakfast around the bonfire and all of us exchanged our respective stories.

The peaceful atmosphere was a relief after the hectic start.

Let me know if you guys would like what inspired me to write this story!

Have a great weekend ❤

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