The Mystery Brews

As promised here’s the next installment for the A-Z Challenge. I thought that this would be the last but it got to long.

Next week the last and the final installment will be out.

Happy Reading to you guys!!


Dream 🌈

Leo’s POV

I didn’t know whether to be shocked or surprised. My heart raced while I was running. Running towards the owner of those footsteps. Towards my Kate. Towards my beautiful girl and at that point I thought of nothing else. Just her. She was here.

I pulled her into a tight embrace and we just stood there for a while. And then it dawned upon me. How did she get here? Did she come here alone? Was Bill actually with her?
Pulling away from the embrace I looked at her and she could see that I was dying to ask her questions.

I caught some movement at the corner of my eye and I was immediately alert. A shadow came into view and that’s when I got the shock of my life.

What are you doing here?, I exclaimed.

Leo, this is Dave. Don’t worry he helped me get here.

Dave? Who’s Dave.

You remember the guy who ran away on our first day. That’s Dave.

Dave was expectantly looking at me. And I knew then that he wanted to continue the game a little longer. Deciding to play along I looked back at Kate.

Dave, I don’t know no Dave. Who’s he and what’s he done to you.

Leo. Listen to me. Dave helped me. He didn’t do anything. Dave tell him.

Dave stood quietly.

Kate looked at him, wistfully waiting for a reply. She got nothing.

Talk Dave, she almost yelled.

Dave said,” Who’s Dave, I don’t know no Dave”

Kate’s expression was priceless. I was having fun.

Kate’s expression went from shock to anger. Then who are you?

I’m Theo.

Kate’s eyes widened. I couldn’t control it any longer and I burst out, Theo joined in. Kate was gobsmacked. She looked at me to Theo. Theo removed his wig in the meantime.

The realisation hit her. We were almost exactly alike. Theo was just a little tanned and leaner and I was a bit taller but that was it.

Questioningly I looked at Theo and asked him how he had known we’d be on the ship.

Theo said,” I quite frankly didn’t know that. I joined in a month before you guys came. I had my own suspicions about Bill. Your visit was quite timely and very unexpected Leo. I caught sight of you and didn’t want to blow my cover. That’s why I made a dash for it. You wouldn’t believe what I saw.”

I interrupted him. Wait you saw that too..? Oh my God.

Saw what, Kate asked.

We’ll tell you. Continue brother.

I first thought you came alone but then I saw Kate. So that was the surprise you had planned on for our get together huh?

Not a surprise anymore, is it?

True but still this adventure was quite a surprise in itself.

Touchè brother.

Can either on of you even tell me what’s going on? Kate asked.

Before we could reply, voices boomed in from behind. I didn’t need to see who it was to know who that voice belonged to.


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