Presenting to you the A-Z Challenge Reflection.


Honestly I had a great time participating in this challenge.

The stress got to me in between the challenge but seeing everyone else powering through their struggles inspired me to finish. I had my first 2 week’s post’s already lined up but the last 2 were insane. If I look back, I feel like laughing at the kind of things that I had to put up just to post.

It has been an experience and I feel every blogger should undertake this challenge. The A-Z Team have made everything so easy and accessible. They have clear cut instructions and it helped me a lot. So THANK YOU A-Z Team!!!

The traffic the past month has been crazy all thanks to the challenge. I appreciate all of the readers for taking time to read, like and comment.

Here are a few of the bloggers that I followed during this challenge.

Breaking The Mirror @Marquessa

Giggling Fattie

Dear Diary @Sandra

Iain Kelly

Alphonso White


JR Vincente    (Adult Content.. you’ve been warned. Don’t blame it on me if you find something inappropriate)

Jai’s Writing Retreat

These are few of the ones that I completely enjoyed 🙂

You can see the entire list for my 26 posts here

And I promise to finish the story in a few days.

10 thoughts on “Reflections

  1. Heck, you just reminded me I need to do a reflections post too!! I think I’ve suffered a post A to Z hangover after all that writing. Like you I connected with quite a few new bloggers too. That has to be a huge bonus of the whole process.

    Now get on with finishing it 😂😂😂

    Thanks for the mention too x


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