After being carried by the lion for maybe about a few minutes which seemed like hours the lion dropped me.

As soon as he dropped me he let out a deep ear piercing roar and I knew my end had come.

I braced for impact shutting my eyes tight remembering all the people I loved. A few minutes passed by and I was still the same. Maybe the lion wanted a dramatic effect before killing me.

Opening one eye after the eye, I caught the lion staring at me. He opened his mouth again and right behind his finely sharpened incisors there were hands. Human hands. I chose this moment to shriek like a 6 year old.

I wouldn’t stop shrieking until those very hands fully came out of his mouth and closed mine. You cannot even imagine the various gross possibilities running in my mind. I was squirming under the hand’s pressure on my mouth.

Slowly the pressure started to loosen and I bit back my urge to shriek again.

I was staring at this wide eyed beast. Eventually not one but two forms came out of the lion. Donny followed by Leanna.

What a sigh of relief.

Then when I thought through it I realised that yet again Leanna and her tribe had saved my life.

They started laughing as soon as they saw me. Why wouldn’t they? I had shrieked like it was the last time I would be able to use my voice. To be truthful that’s exactly what I thought. But looking back I had a great story and a good chuckle.

Leanna then went on to tell how everything was pre-planned. They took it up as a mere precaution anticipating the trouble. They hadn’t told me because I didn’t want to listen to what dangers the Juan Hill held. And now I can’t even blame them for not telling me.

I think we should hurry up.. you know just in case they return.
Oh don’t worry about that. We have had a pact, what falls into their trap is theirs. No body else can be hunted down. And if you think that scares you I’m sure the last roar and that tiny shriek of yours confirmed the fact that you no longer can see the day light. Leanna said while trying hard not to burst out laughing.

We still had almost a day’s trek left cause we had lost valuable time due to this situation. But we had covered a great distance as I could feel the wind and the cool pleasant air.

We sat near a cliff for lunch all of us having a great time. Laughing hard.

I wanted to explore more and edge closer to the cliff. I could see the never ending ocean. How calm it was today. The contrast between the ocean’s blue and nature’s green was a pleasant sight to the eyes.

That’s when something caught my attention. A certain small something was moving on the ocean quite a distance away from us. I couldn’t make out anything. I called Donny.

My hopes were bouncing up high. I was yearning for Kate. And I hoped and prayed that it would be her. But the odds of that was quite less. Kate had never ridden a boat much less driven it. But I needed to confirm.

Donny on hearing me bought out his long bamboo stick with 2 lens stuck back to back on one end. It acted like a telescope of some sorts. He seemed shocked and had a solemn expression on his face. I was curious and asked him all kinds of questions. He thrust the thing in my head and walked away.

Curiosity got the better of me and I looked. What I saw made my heart yelp.

So the next post will be the last and I’m kinda sad that this series has to end. It’s been a really great experience for me and I thank everyone of you for sharing your thoughts.



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